Nesting Post Kit


Quickly convert existing utility rights of way markers into beneficial cavity nesting bird habitat with the patented Nesting Post.  This kit is made from high quality weather resistant poly recycled lumber and is available in yellow, red or orange to match existing utility markers.  Included screws are stainless to provide for years of maintenance free service.

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Nest cavities are a limiting factor for many cavity nesting bird species. The Nesting Post is designed to be readily accepted by a wide range of cavity nesting bird species, every season, year after year.  As many as 28 species of cavity nesting birds could benefit from these structures in North America alone! Here are some examples of the types of birds you’ll enjoy with your nesting post.

What about traditional bird houses?

While the standard and traditional birdhouses provide nesting shelter for many birds – they fall prey to squirrels, chewing mammals, and woodpeckers, who easily “blow out” traditional wooden nest boxes. The weather also affects the integrity and lifespan, and ultimately, they become damaged and need to be replaced.

We found our designs not only to be readily accepted by a wide range of cavity nesting bird species but to also be virtually indestructible and maintenance free.

Our prototypes have all been in the field fledging birds every year- for 20 years!

“Blown out” traditional bird houses (above) First Nesting Prototype, 20 years after (right)

Installation is Easy!

Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 in

Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange


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