Typical Install

  • Once a good site is selected the first step is to install support poles.  Poles can be round utility type or square pressure treated poles.  Poles are typically set in cement, at this particular site (USFWS National Wildlife Refuge, Louisiana) the refuge also poured a cement slab under the house.
  • A pole setting template plan is provided to ensure poles are properly placed.  Minimum distance from the BOTTOM of the bat house to finished grade is 12’, but 13’-15’ is better. Often poles can be donated by local utility companies who sometime will help with setting the poles.  Local pole barn contractors or sign contractors are often equipped to easily install the support poles as well.
  • The tops of all poles should be the same height.  Once the poles are set and the cement has cured you are ready to install the bat house.
  • The house can easily be raised in position using a fork lift or tele-handler type forklift.  These can be rented from most equipment rental centers.  The house is simply lowered onto the support poles.  Holes are provided so the house can be secured to support poles with lag bolts provided by the installer.

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